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Thanks so much for your interest in this site!

For over a year, this page provided a workbook for helping you create a powerful 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 year vision for your life and your business.

It’s a great process, and I got terrific feedback from people who used it –

A sincere thanks for this awesome Planning Template it blew me away and I cannot tell you how effective this will be and what a huge difference it will make for me.”
– Theda Muller
This is excellent! Great exercises, tons of value, well written. I am looking forward to sitting down and really doing all the exercises. Well done!
- Kaylee Murphy

The thing is though, as a free download, I wasn’t really tracking effectively how many people were really applying it. Like always, you have to use it (do the work) before you get results!

So, I’ve removed the free download from this page. Now I’m thinking about what to do with it next. Maybe making it available as maybe a $97 template, or as a $197 course where we go through the steps of creating your strategic vision for the next year together. It’s certainly worth that and more. Or I might just keep it as a bonus to give to my coaching clients.

I’m really not sure which way I’m going to go with this!

Anyway, if you’d like to register for updates like the workbook or the course when I decide what to do (or to hassle me to make my mind up and get it out to the market), just enter your name and email address in the boxes on the right of this page and hit submit.

You’ll get an automatic welcome email from me, and just hit reply to that email to let me know which way I should go with this!